Rope Racket lite beta
Version 0.91b - Lite | See further info and instructions below
1. Take the parrot to the rope (or one of the ropes if there's more than one) and grab it
2. Wrap the rope around all the wheels (rope needs to touch rouch each wheel)
3. When all wheels are wrapped, tie the rope to the cage to release the bird!

- Drag the parrot with your mouse/finger
- Double tap to release or re-catch a pulled rope

- Any contact between rope and wheel stops the wheel. Rope can also be tied around the wheel as needed.
- If rope is cut or burnt, it's a foul.
- If parrot is hit by a knife or fire, it's a foul.
- If parrot is hit by an enemy, it's a foul (enemies can however touch the rope).
- Bats are afraid of ropes so rope can be used to confine them.
- In some puzzles, the solution requires more than one rope. Using them in the right order can be essential.
Design and Development by Itay Keren

3D Art by John Richard Dayao, Shadow Keep Studios
2D Art by Skirt
Original Music by Didi Erez
Additional Work by Uri Golan, Inon Kohn and Oren De-Panther Weizman

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