Privacy Policy

Identifiable data

  • If you sign up for a newsletter, our newsletter service will record your email address and name. We’ll use this to send you emails about our games and don’t keep our own copy of it.

  • If you purchase a game from us, the third-party seller may record your email address, name, phone, address, and/or payment info. We may have access to this but don’t host it.

  • If you send us a support email, we’ll keep that in case the same problem comes up again later. If you report an issue from inside a game, a log of your recent game activity, current savegame, and device hardware specifications may also be sent.

Anonymous data

  • We may record anonymous usage data when you visit our websites, such as timestamp, IP address, and what page you visit. This may use cookies. We use this data to tell where our players are coming from and what they like.

  • We may record anonymous gameplay data, like what level you beat, how long it took, etc. We use this to improve our games.

  • If you share a design or level in one of our games, we, or a third-party seller, may store the design and share it publicly so other users can load and play with it. Your IP address may also be stored to prevent from hacking.


  • We do not share any private data, including email address and full name.

  • If you choose to make data available to the public, for example by sharing a user-made level or submitting a forum post, then other players will be able to see it along with your username.

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