Mushroom 11

Released Oct 2015 (PC), Apr 2017 (Mobile)

4.8 App Store

4.7 Google Play

4.8 App Store

4.7 Google Play

4.8 App Store

4.7 Google Play

A Game about Destruction & Growth. Mushroom 11 is an award-winning anti-platformer, set in a striking post-humanity world. With its groundbreaking control mechanic, prune your mushroom to reshape it while maintaining its size. This simple control allows for unique platforming and puzzle-solving through shaping, tumbling, and splitting.

As life struggles to gain a foothold in a devastated world, a new life-form emerges from the rubble. Mold yourself into any shape as you explore this strange, challenging landscape. The eerily beautiful visuals are complemented by the ethereal music of electronica legend The Future Sound of London (FSOL). Read more…

* Apple Design Award winner

* TouchArcade's Best iPhone Games of the year

* The Guardian’s Top 25 Games of the year

* Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s Best Platformer of the year

* Computerworld’s Top 10 Innovative Games of the year

* IGN’s “Best of The Year” Most Innovative Games, Best Platformers

Why Anti-Platformer? Mushroom 11 challenges the Platformer genre norms. Instead of jumping or moving, you shape the mushroom to navigate. Reach heights by becoming thin and tall. Move forward with removal and regrowth, or roll to your destination. A unique twist on this beloved genre!

More Info

Mushroom 11 was born at the Global Game Jam of 2012, held at NYU's downtown New York City campus. A peculiar mechanic that is based on destruction and growth, inspired by the theme.

I met artist Simon Kono and was immediately struck by his ability to pour beauty into a world ravaged by destruction, greed, and hubris. Simon and I had an incredible journey creating this desolate yet eerily cheerful world, and building the story behind it.

FSOL (The Future Sound of London) has been a musical inspiration since I heard their album Lifeforms back in the 90's. While working with Simon on the alien world of Mushroom 11, FSOL's music was always in the background.

Reaching out to your idols is intimidating, but FSOL, while legendary in the Electronica circles, were always just as indie as Untame. They were not only happy to collaborate, but even provided some previously-unreleased material, available only on the Mushroom 11 Soundtrack.

The Team

A game made by two couples, and a few more friends

Itay Keren

Design, Story, Programming

Julia Keren-Detar

UX & Additional Design

Simon Kono

Art & Additional Design

Kara Kono


Joey Godard

Jeff Tangsoc

Kevin Regamey

Audio Design

Brian Dougans

Garry Cobain


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